New Video From Howard Gladstone

Howard Gladstone is a Canadian (Toronto-based) singer/songwriter, working in the modern folk & troubador tradition.


” Songs are my preferred method of expression. For me, lyric and melody matters. Performance and expression count. Music makes a difference when it speaks directly to the emotion and intellect. That’s what I’m trying to do.”


“Here’s a song inspired by a sunrise I observed in Varanasi, India, the holy city on the Ganges.” Not your typical song introduction.  That’s because Howard Gladstone is not your typical singer-songwriter.  Careful though, he could fool you. If you were in a club or listening music venue, at first blush, you could get that folky troubadour vibe from Howard. He’s certainly got that intricate, melodic finger-picking down to where the guitar is a natural extension of his hands.  Not that he will admit it. Damn, he still occasionally writes and performs political,      …… Read more …