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Posted on Mar 19, 2002

Sunflowers Light The Room – 2002

Sunflowers Light The Room – 2002

A collection of 13 songs and 15 tracks, Sunflowers Light The Room exists in a a variety of musical styles, including folk, rock, blues, country, and a couple of jazz-tinged ballads. Howard Gladstone’s music has been  described as “acoustic folk rock with a country twist.”  Toronto Star called this a “fascinating debut.”

The lyrical style is as diverse as the music. One minute ethereal, the next minute hard-hitting, the songs strive to create an emotional space that invites the listener to enter.

 A music lover as well as a song writer, Howard has long listened and absorbed myriad influences.  Howard ’s music owes its roots to diverse musical and literary influences, ranging from the poet Rumi to Dylan, to modern singer/songwriters, via way of folk, blues, the murder ballad tradition, with helpings of rock, pop, Indian music, jazz and a smattering of the classics. 

Sunflowers features full studio production, with many excellent musicians including : Tony Quarrington, Eddie Baltimore, Denis Keldie, Anne Lindsay, David Woodhead, Victor Bateman, Suzie Vinnick, Lori Cullen, Gary Orme, Brian and Bonnie Gladstone, plus jazz stalwarts – Kirk MacDonald, Barry Romberg, Bob George to add a jazz flavour to several tunes.

Click Title for  Lyrics                               

  1. Coming Home To You        Listen   
  2. Sunflowers Light The Room    Listen 
  3. Healing Hands                    
  4. Guilty of Love                     
  5. I Am Your Child                  
  6. Down To Earth                    
  7. Silver Handled Dagger           Listen
  8. When Lightning Strikes   Listen        
  9. Fire and Firefly                      
  10. Grand Canal
  11. Coincidence                      Listen
  12. Too Soon, It’s September
  13. Welcome To The Lake
  14. Down to Earth (acoustic) Listen

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Sunflowers and Candles cover paintings by Julie Gladstone.
Breath In the Wind album design by Josh Cappel

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