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Candles On The River 2005

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Gladstone’s concern for social issues is deeply etched in his songs, from native rights issues (“Aboriginal Burial Ground”), to fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (“Damaged Angel”) to the closing of Maritime fisheries (“Fishin’ by the Book”) to globalization and corporate indifference (“Goin’ Offshore”).  “ Down to the Delta” surveys the history of the blues and the modernization & commercialization of the beloved South- and  wonders where that music is going.

Other songs explore more personal territory. “Prisoner of New Orleans” and “Tattoo on My Heart” are stories of lost love and recovery.  “Photograph” is a long  narrative concerning youth,  lost love, war, colonial mythology, memory and history. Not as confusing as it appears.  T

The title track  “Candles on the River” takes its inspiration and rhythm from a sunrise Gladstone observed in India and love of Indian music .

The albums’ 11 tracks feature unadorned production and solid  ensemble performances.  Gladstone provides vocals and acoustic guitar. Tony Quarrington, co-produced the album, and contributes guitar and mandolin.  Denis Keldie plays Hammond B3 organ, piano, and accordion.  The rhythm section of Russ Boswell on acoustic stand-up bass and Al Cross on drums adds a tasteful no-nonsense bottom end.   Guests include Anne Lindsay on violin, the late Eddie Baltimore on slide-guitar, Clela Errington and Alan Soberman on backup vocals, and Bruce Longman.   Many of the tracks were recorded in a single take, with minimal overdubs.
Samples of all songs here – from CD Baby site

Tattoo On My Heart  
Prisoner of New Orleans  
Down To the Delta        
Too Many Voices Gone Silent
Aboriginal Burial Ground
Damaged Angel       
Fishin’ By The Book 
Candles on the River 
Goin’ Offshore

Howard Gladstone – vocals, guitar
Tony Quarrington – co-producer, guitars, mandolin, banjo, backing vocal
Denis Keldie – Hammond B3 organ, piano, mandolin, accordion, effects, odds & ends
Russ Boswell – stand up acoustic and electric bass
Al Cross- drums
plus guests
Anne Lindsay – violin
Eddie Baltimore – slide guitar
Clela Errington, Alan Soberman – backing vocals
Bruce Longman – electric bass, vocals on “Too Many Voices Gone Silent”

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