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I Am Your Child


I am your child
Come to you softly, pleading
With no words, with no will
Only knowing
Gentleness prayer and thanks will be enough

I am your lover
Come to you, wanting needing
The colour of your flesh
To know what was true
Longer ago than we remember

I am the gatekeeper
Making the dusty round of these doorways
Sweeping up these dreams
With a broken broom
Laying the ruins at the altar

Will I arise from these ashes
When the fire is not yet burning?
Will I know you in my mind
When my heart is not yet yearning?

You are the bright star
Holding firm while the world is turning
Between empty spaces
Showing golden places, where
Gentleness prayer and thanks should be enough
Should be enough

I am your child
I am your child
I am your child

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