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Posted on Dec 21, 2009

“Alt Country” reviews Roots and Rain

“Alt Country” reviews Roots and Rain

For me, music deals with emotions. A song should touch the heart and soul of the listener. When the music is over, you should be left with very intense feelings. “Roots and Rain” from the Canadian songwriter Howard Gladstone does this all. Just like the three earlier CD’s: “Sunflowers light the Room” (2002), “Candles on the River” (2005) and “The Breath in the Wind” (2007) this new CD excels in subtlety and relaxation.

The singer-songwriter from Toronto is supported by his musical friends. But the basis and power remains in Gladstone’s silky voice with  acoustic guitar. The inspired songwriter considers music and lyrics of equal importance.
The subjects of loneliness, love, exotic places, the struggle against a difficult and unfair world are all dealt with in melancholy yet warm songs like “Tammy”, “Sweet Lies”, “Fall so Deep” and “Kauai Nights”. The album is not packed with a multitude of instruments;  the focus stays with the lovely experienced voice of Howard Gladstone.

The atmosphere created by the musicians, Robin Pirson (percussion), Chris Robinson (saxophone and clarinet), Tony Quarrington (acoustic and electric guitars) strongly supports the dreamy character of the album. When I listen to this introspective singer-songwriter  and the  Americana style songs of  “Roots and Rain” I am left with  a very good feeling. I will never be bored by this beautiful CD.
(translated from the Dutch)
Read the original Dutch  review

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