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Posted on Dec 29, 2017

Penguin Eggs Reviews ‘Hourglass’ by Howard Gladstone

Penguin Eggs Reviews ‘Hourglass’ by Howard Gladstone

Reprinted from Penguin Eggs Magazine – Dec 2017 Edition Hourglass is the fifth album release for the Toronto-based singer-songwriter Howard Gladstone. And it’s a blend of superior guitar work, introspective lyrics, with an intermittent Latin undertone. Gladstone is joined by Laura Fernandez on vocals, Tony quarantine on guitar, George Kohler on bass, and Bob Scott on drums.

The nine tracks are themed around the concept of passing time, as symbolized by, well … an hourglass. While the Latin influence songs such as Rider’s Song (Cordova) or Granada Knights provide much of the albums successful Bent, Hourglass is, all in all, a real pleasant listen.

–  by Phil Harries


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