Toronto Moon Magazine reviews Roots and Rain

“On Howard Gladstone’s fourth album in eight years, at least judging by the tracks from Roots and Rain that I’ve heard. I think this spiritual but often melancholy Folk and social justice balladeer has found a new groove and some fresh inspiration… His ballad “Tammy (The Wheels of Justice)” in support of a woman who was unjustly convicted of child murder based on the testimony of a discredited pathologist (included on the new disc)

I found moving as a single released last year, as are other social justiced- themed tunes….  WIth an all-star band once again backing him on RAR (Tony Quarrington, Kevin Zarnett Shelley Coopersmith, Denis Keldie, Chris Robinson et all), and professional production, the new album sets a new bar for his music.

Wed. Jan 13 he releases the disc (with some of those performers joining him and special guest Jon Brooks opening at 8:30) at Hugh’s Room.  Tix are just $14 in advance !.”

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