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…. a blend of superior guitar work, introspective lyrics, with an intermittent Latin undertone….The nine tracks are themed around the concept of passing time, as symbolized by, well … an hourglass. While the Latin influence songs such as Rider’s Song (Cordoba) or Granada Nights provide much of the albums successful Bent, Hourglass is, all in all, a real pleasant listen. – Phil Harries, Penguin Eggs, December 2017

I’m biased  because I recorded it, but Hourglass is filled with a real life force energy Peter J. Moore, Grammy winning engineer

An emblematic album, embracing the tradition of the troubadour and the philosophy of the searcher, Hourglass flows with flourishes of insight and romantic imagery. – Paul Corby, Corby’s Orbit, Radio Regent 

Hourglass, a collection of nine exquisite songs about human fragility and strength, as time ticks away. – Ruth Schweitzer, CJN

Through all the bright and dark moments, musically, Hourglass is much richer than any of (Howard Gladstone’s) previous releases.  The exquisite six-string accompaniment of guitar maestro Tony Quarrington is a large part of that, and it also benefits from the authoritatively sultry backup and in several places lead vocals of Laura Fernandez. – Gary 17, Toronto Moon Magazine

Music that takes us on a picturesque journey John Marlatt, Moonshine Café, Oakville

Howard Gladstone used to write about music. Now he writes songs. More importantly, he pens the kind of topical tunes that were the province of singer/songwriters before navel-gazing became the norm. His music is a tribute to the great artists who inspired him. – Marc Rheaume, CBC Radio

For me, music deals with emotions. A song should touch the heart and soul of the listener. When the music is over, you should be filled with very intense feelings.  Howard Gladstone does this all.  – Alt Country

If you heard this music in a crowded room, you’d suspect it was a lost gem from another time. – Greg Quill, Toronto Star

Insightful artist on an uncompromising journey – Norm Hacking 

Gladstone shapes ordinary words into beautiful visions… (these are) songs of strength and courage…. .…lyrics (that) bite into the social conscience of humanity and touch us right in the heart – Virgina MacIsaac,

Good stage presence. … the interaction between you and Tony (Quarrington) was marvelous. – Dean Verger, Rasputin’s, Ottawa

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