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Posted on Feb 22, 2013

Down to Earth

I came crashing to the ground
You were there for me
Angry but with a smile
You were there for me
How can I ever thank you
For whatever it is worth
You were there for me
You were there down to earth

When I reached ground zero
The stars did not hold
Venus spiraled out of control
Friendships bought and sold
You were there and witnessed
New galaxies giving birth
You were there holding on
Looking up and down to earth

What did I ever give you
Beyond some promises that fade
I said I’d take you in the sun
But you live here in shade
Whatever happens, whoever intrudes
As we flow from death to birth
Who ever knew it works this way?
It all comes down to earth

How could I ever thank you
There are debts I can’t repay
You’re always deep in my heart
At the end of the longest day
Here are roots that grow straight down
Drink the water from the earth
From a deep dark pool
You are there and down to earth

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