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Posted on Feb 22, 2013

Guilty of Love

Hanging on by fingertips
Sunflower in your hand
Cold and numb a long, dark time
Nothing could be planned
Hear the waves wash to the shore
Thumbprints pressed in sand
Between the courtroom and the sea
Making one last stand
When you came, a distant dream
I was wrapped up like a glove
If I was guilty, I was guilty
Guilty of love

All the things wrong in this world
We have known our share
It’s cold enough now everywhere
But there’s still a spark, somewhere
Crimes of inhumanity
Shrugged off, left unknown
Babies weep, motherless arms
Jewels left ungrown
Are we prisoners in our time?
Condemned to live our fate
If we are guilty, not guilty
It’s too late

The judge called out for mercy
The prisoner looked out to sea
The lawyers paced around closed cells
The jury was set free
The lynch mob was excited
Smell of blood not far
A light is shining overhead
Truth, a closer star
The plea bargain exhausted
Justice soars up like a dove
If I was guilty, I was guilty
Guilty of love

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