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Posted on Jan 28, 2014

The Influence of Pete Seeger Remains

The Influence of Pete Seeger Remains

I was saddened to learn of the passing of Pete Seeger. Even at age 94 Pete remained a passionate believer and activist in social justice, using song as a tool for change. Pete Seeger’s work is a lasting inspiration for songwriters. His work combined powerful messages of social justice with lyrical imagery and singable melodies. Such songs as “If I Had A Hammer”, “Turn Turn Turn”, “Where Have All the Flowers Gone”, “Waist Deep in the Big Muddy” will remain singable and relevant for generations.

Here are some lyrics from my latest work.

Pete Seeger is part of a continuum whose inspiration runs like a river through these songs and countless others..

Runaway Train
There’s a runaway train on a downhill track,
No engineer on board, no brake man in back
One hundred tankers of oil, and a chemical load
Raging though town, and set to explode…

Still Got So Long To Go
Feet don’t fail me yet
Heart don’t fail me yet
Faith don’t fail me yet
I still got so long to go…

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