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Posted on Mar 22, 2013

“Let Go Of The Rain”

Three years ago, on the first day of spring, I watched a late winter/early spring snowstorm from my living room window. Everybody was worn out and tired of winter, and anxious for the energy and newness of spring to arrive.  I had the idea that the spring rains were captured and held captive in the swirling snow. I wrote the following lyrics that day.

Snow is swirling round my window
Seems so fragile, but it’s oh so strong
Winter’s got a hold, and it won’t let go
Till someday, spring’s gonna come along
As the frozen bud holds the promise of the flower
Your love will be unveiled
At the unknown, chosen hour

Let it flood, let it go
Let the feelings overflow
Let go of the pain
In the sun, watch it grow
The healing only love can know
Let go of the rain
Let go of the rain

Today, March 21, is the first day of another spring.

I am looking out the same window and again watching the swirling snow.

The earth has its own rhythms.

Global warming notwithstanding, the Canadian winter will not give in easily to the change of season, at least this year.

Swirling snow

The recorded version of “Let Go of the Rain” is included on the CD “Roots and Rain”

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